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Last chance to get ur Claveman T-Shirt.

2009-06-30 15:48:13 by drumstick

Support the most epic chronicle of tales in the land and purchase a Claveman T for a cheap n sweet $16.99 before they disappear forever! n

Hope you're having the most boss summer,


Last chance to get ur Claveman T-Shirt.

- Flash artists WANTED - " ""[[{{ SUMMER dev. }}]]""

2009-05-16 00:28:44 by drumstick

Gearing up with DinoWax for a new series...

-character designers
-background artists
-general artists

We are looking for talented, starving artists with a few hours a week to spare this summer to work on our first full length series [CODENAME:EXIMIUS]

Must have access to CS3+ pipeline and internet connection available at least twice a week for updates.

Send bio and attach/link some of your work to

premiere the season "0" finale of my web series.

type this in ur browser hp

No longer is this a myth.

to be on ng soon as i get this down to 10mb

Claveman Ep. 5/5 Betatron premiere TONIGHT... RIGHT NOW.

Finale finally finished. Now, to hype...

5/5 b = 5/5/09

Claveman's Last Episode: Release Date

Claveman "T"

2008-09-30 21:49:09 by drumstick

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support the series by buying yourself a good lookin t-shirt...

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...a new episode coming out...

And check out the NG Claveman Series page:

Also, if you haven't befriended Cladicus... Do so.

That's all for now, keep checkin for more updates!


Before the college grave-digging demi god of careers starts waving his magical dry-erase pen, you should remove those cement galoshes and shimmy on down to the new, completely redesigned and comment on our newest News post: The College Daze: And So It Begins


New Music!

2008-07-02 13:10:58 by drumstick

Finally, Holly Heist is done with their first session. Check out "Ba Ba Da Ba Ba Ya Ya". I give myself mad props for recording drums & mixing this track. I also give mad bro paws to Alex Roy's secular vocals. You may recognize his voice, as he is the shrill yell in Claveman 1/5 during the ...99 biscuits later... (ANCIENT right?) /155357
show it some love! i do believe the black bellies are having trouble swallowing it.

Ah, and speakin of me animatory// I've been doin some work for the History channel show Tougher In Alaska. But as soon as i get a few minutes I'll start where I left off... in my benevolent world of DinoWax.

Wash your hands,

Claveman 5/5 Beta News

2007-09-03 12:30:02 by drumstick

I finally got my animation degree so i'm back on the claveman bandwagon. after maybe 3 script rewrites, 2 blue screens of death, and an awkward grope by my physician... i have an epic masterpie ready. The season 0 finale is underway and should be released here shortly. let me kno if u have any requests.

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