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New Music!

2008-07-02 13:10:58 by drumstick

Finally, Holly Heist is done with their first session. Check out "Ba Ba Da Ba Ba Ya Ya". I give myself mad props for recording drums & mixing this track. I also give mad bro paws to Alex Roy's secular vocals. You may recognize his voice, as he is the shrill yell in Claveman 1/5 during the ...99 biscuits later... (ANCIENT right?) /155357
show it some love! i do believe the black bellies are having trouble swallowing it.

Ah, and speakin of me animatory// I've been doin some work for the History channel show Tougher In Alaska. But as soon as i get a few minutes I'll start where I left off... in my benevolent world of DinoWax.

Wash your hands,


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2008-07-11 00:07:58

The music is quite nice (i.e., I'd listen to it in the radio), moderatly interesting and sounds REALLY professional, to which I give major props and kudos for the excelent recording quailty and the great mixing! The only thing I felt that it lacked was a bit of "edge" to it, i.e., it was a little to "smooth" for my taste. Maybe a dissonant chord somewhere, or a distortion, would have made things even better.

But honestly, even if the music was more epic than the Ride of the Valkiries, more metal than Iron Man, more punk than the Blitzkrieg Bop, more complex than My Favourite Things (Coltrane version, of course), it would still not quench my thirst...


... my thirst for biscuits!

I.e., any time schedule for the return of that most excelent of series?