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- Flash artists WANTED - " ""[[{{ SUMMER dev. }}]]""

2009-05-16 00:28:44 by drumstick

Gearing up with DinoWax for a new series...

-character designers
-background artists
-general artists

We are looking for talented, starving artists with a few hours a week to spare this summer to work on our first full length series [CODENAME:EXIMIUS]

Must have access to CS3+ pipeline and internet connection available at least twice a week for updates.

Send bio and attach/link some of your work to


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2009-05-16 01:15:28

Ya sure I can spare some time in the summer for this! I'm working on a project right now so I'll use that as my work. Just so you know I'm not the greatest Artist but I would be glad to partake in this if I can!

I'll send you a link to my work later when its completed.


2009-05-16 01:24:50

look at my news posts and you can see some of my art


2009-05-16 04:28:48

talk to me on MSN i can give you my protfolio.

i would be honored to work for you.


2009-05-16 10:00:02

what a shame im to young


2009-05-16 14:08:42

Looking for any voice actors?


2009-05-16 17:40:34

Hey, I've sent off my Resume, its kind of short? oh well. please reply or something.


2010-06-17 01:58:57

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